1. Kaput
    The Art of Boo

  2. Enfin La Nuit
    Charbel Haber and Fadi Tabbal

  3. Marjaa: The Battle Of The Hotels
    Mayssa Jallad

  4. Low Toms Bright Bells and Darkest Spells
    Elyse Tabet with Pascal Semerdjian and Yara Asmar

  5. Snakeskin
    Julia Sabra and Fadi Tabbal

  6. The Silence Between The New World And The Aftermath
    Marc Codsi

  7. Sanctuary

  8. Kachf el Mahjoub / Unveiling the Hidden [10th Anniversary Reissue]
    El Rass & Munma

  9. Music For The Lonely Vol.2 (2019-2021)
    Fadi Tabbal

  10. Proof By Infinite Descent
    Anthony Sahyoun

  11. Ensemble 1: Al Jadi / Capricorn

  12. Nemesis
    Calamita [Sharif Sehnaoui, Tony Elieh & Davide Zolli]

  13. Lattices
    NP [Jad Atoui & Anthony Sahyoun]

  14. Data Is EP
    Stellar Banger [Pablo Giw, Ali Hout, Abed Kobeissy & Joss Turnbull]

  15. Dance Grooves For The Weary EP
    Two or The Dragon

  16. Alkisah Remixed [Beirut Edition]

  17. Alkisah [Beirut Edition]

  18. The Drone Sessions Vol. 1 - Live at Tunefork Studios
    Various Artists

  19. Cama

  20. Subject To Potential Errors And Distortions [Patricia Wolf Remixes]
    Fadi Tabbal

  21. Subject To Potential Errors And Distortions
    Fadi Tabbal

  22. For Beirut: Ruptured Sessions Vol. 6 - Live at Radio Lebanon
    Various Artists

  23. Murur Al-Kiram

  24. Aran Stories
    Hifiklub & Mike Cooper

  25. Ruptured Session Jan. 2017 [Bandcamp Exclusive]
    Alko B

  26. Dead Pets, Old Griefs

  27. The True History Of The Tortoise & The Hare According To Lord Dunsany
    Oiseaux-Tempête & The Bunny Tylers

  28. Calamita
    Calamita [Sharif Sehnaoui, Tony Elieh & Davide Zolli]

  29. I'll Be Here In The Morning

  30. Chance Meetings
    The Bunny Tylers

  31. Museum Of Disappearing Buildings
    Fadi Tabbal

  32. Ala'

  33. In Transit

  34. Glitches And Drones 2013-2016
    The Bunny Tylers

  35. How's Annie
    Fadi Tabbal

  36. Post-Coital Tristesse
    Anthony Sahyoun [Mme Chandelier]

  37. Dream Kids Never Sleep
    Kid Fourteen

  38. Three Voices
    Jawad Nawfal [Munma]

  39. Issrar
    Sary Moussa [radiokvm]

  40. On The Rooftop Looking Up
    Fadi Tabbal

  41. Ruptured Sessions Vol. 5 - Live at Radio Lebanon
    Various Artists

  42. Under The Carpet
    Paed Conca, Stéphane Rives & Fadi Tabbal [Under The Carpet]

  43. Kachf el Mahjoub / Unveiling the Hidden [First Edition]
    El Rass & Munma

  44. Ruptured Sessions Vol. 4 - Live at Radio Lebanon
    Various Artists

  45. A Way Out By Knowing Smile
    Frédéric Nogray & Stéphane Rives [The Imaginary Soundscapes]

  46. Ruptured Sessions Vol. 3 - Live at Radio Lebanon
    Various Artists

  47. Peace Is Overrated And War Misunderstood
    Scrambled Eggs

  48. Ruptured Sessions Vol. 2 - Live at Radio Lebanon
    Various Artists

  49. Previews & Premises
    Jawad Nawfal [Munma]

  50. Ruptured Sessions Vol. 1 - Live at Radio Lebanon
    Various Artists

  51. Unholy Republic
    Jawad Nawfal [Munma]

  52. Dedicated To Foes Celebrating Friends EP
    Scrambled Eggs

  53. Je Veux Voir [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
    Scrambled Eggs

  54. Black Tuesday
    Jawad Nawfal [Munma]

  55. 34 Days
    Jawad Nawfal [Munma]

  56. Happy Together Filthy Forever
    Scrambled Eggs

  57. No Special Date Nor A Deity To Venerate
    Scrambled Eggs

  58. Ruptured Sessions Bundle [2010-2013]
    Various Artists

  59. Munma Bundle [2007-2009]
    Jawad Nawfal [Munma]

  60. Scrambled Eggs Bundle [2004-2009]
    Scrambled Eggs

  61. Those Kids Must Choke Bundle [2004-2005]
    Various Artists


Ruptured Records Beirut, Lebanon

Ruptured Records was founded in 2008 by DJ and radio host Ziad Nawfal and sound engineer & studio owner Fadi Tabbal, as an outlet for their activities as producers and promoters in Beirut. Ruptured releases music by artists from Lebanon and the MENA region in a variety of formats - with a strong focus on experimental rock and leftfield electronic music. ... more

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